Articles By Zbigniew Brzezinski


Video: Zbigniew Brzezinski interview on CNN


SFRC Testimony

Testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee,

February 1.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew 2007


George Bush's Suicidal Statecraft

New Perspectives Quarterly, Spring.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew 2006


Do Not Attack Iran

International Herald Tribune, April 26.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew 2006


Clash of the Titans

Foreign Policy, Jan/Feb..

Brzezinski, Zbigniew

& Mearsheimer, John 2005


Hostility to America

Has Never Been So Great (Interview)

New Perspectives Quarterly, Summer.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew

& Gardels, Nathan 2004


The Neo-Conservative Formula

Doesn't Work

Le Figaro, October 18.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew

& Germon, Marie-Laure 2004


America's Policy Blunders

Were Compounded By Britain

Financial Times, August 6.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew 2004


The Choice:

Global Domination Or Global Leadership

Carnegie Council On Ethics and International Affairs, March 25.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew

& Myers, Joanne J. 2004


Know Thine Enemies

The American Prospect, August 1.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew 2004


Hegemonic Quicksand

The National Interest, Winter.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew 2003


Address to the New American

Strategies Conference

New American Strategies for Security

 and Peace Conference, October 28.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew 2003


Interview: Zbigniew Brzezinski Discusses

His Participation in and

Reflections On the Camp David Accords

Reached By Egypt and Israel

National Public Radio, September 16.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew & Conan, Neal 2003


Focus on the Political Roots of Sept. 11

New York Times, September 4.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew 2002


Confronting Anti-American Grievances

New York Times, September 1.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew 2002


Failing to Grapple With the

Political Dimension

Azerbaijan International, 10 (3) Autumn.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew 2002


Moral Duty, National Interest

New York Times, April 7.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew 2002


The Primacy of History and Culture

Journal of Democracy, 12 (4), pp. 20-26.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew 2001


Living With Europe

The National Interest, Summer.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew et. al. 2000


Living With Russia

The National Interest, Fall.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew 2000


Indefensible Decisions

Washington Post, May 5.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew 2000


Russia's "Sphere of Influence"

-Chechnya and Beyond

Azerbaijan International, 8 (1) Spring.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew 2000


Living With China

The National Interest, Spring.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew 2000


Get Serious -

The Planned Celebration on

NATO's 50th Anniversary

National Review, May 3

Brzezinski, Zbigniew 1999


NATO: The Dilemmas of Expansion

-North Atlantic Treaty Organization

The National Interest, Fall.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew 1998


How Jimmy Carter and

I Started the Mujahideen (Interview)

Le Nouvel Observateur, Jan 15-21, p. 76.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew 1998


The Eurasian Chessboard

in Brzezinski, Zbigniew 1997

The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy

And Its Geostrategic Imperatives,

New York, Basic Books, Ch. 2.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew 1997


Introductory Statement

On NATO Enlargement

Testimony to the

Senate Foreign Relations Committee,

October 9.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew 1997


A Geostrategy For Eurasia

Foreign Affairs, 76 (5), Sept/Oct.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew 1997


Interview With Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski

National Security Archive, June 13.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew 1997


The Caucasus and

New Geo-Political Realities:

How the West Can Support the Region

Azerbaijan International, 5 (2) Summer.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew 1997


The New Dimensions of Human Rights

Carnegie Council On Ethics and International Affairs, May 26.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew 1995


Interview With Zbigniew, Brzezinski

Azerbaijan International, 3 (4) Winter.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew & Blair, Betty 1995


The NSC's Midlife Crisis

Foreign Policy, No. 69 Winter, pp. 80-99.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew 1987-1988


An Exchange On Mideast Guarantees

Foreign Policy, No. 21 Winter, pp. 213-213.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew et. al. 1975-1976


Peace In An International Framework

Foreign Policy, No. 19 Summer, pp. 3-17.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew, Duchene, Francois

& Saeki, Kiichi 1975


Video By Zbigniew Brzezinski


President's Baghdad Trip Sparks

U.S. Iraq Policy Debate

NewsHour, PBS, June 14.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew,

Mead, Walter Russell

& Lehrer, Jim 2006


HBO History Makers Series:

Conversation With Zbigniew Brzezinski

Council On Foreign Relations, March 24.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew 2004


One Year Later

NewsHour, PBS, March 19.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew,

Mead, Walter Russell

& Warner, Margaret 2004


Kissinger and Brzezinski

NewsHour, PBS, April 4.

Brzezinski, Zbigniew,

Kissinger, Henry

& Warner, Margaret 2001





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