Articles By Thomas Christensen


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Will China Become A

'Responsible Stakeholder'?

The Six Party Talks, Taiwan Arms Sales, a

nd Sino-Japanese Relations

China Leadership Monitor, No. 16, Fall.

Christensen, Thomas J. 2005


A Statement Before the U.S.-China

Economic and Security Review Commission

Hearing on China’s Military Modernization

and the Cross-Strait Balance

US-China Economic and Security Review Commission,

September 15.

Christensen, Thomas J. 2005


Looking Beyond the Nuclear Bluster:

Recent Progress and Remaining Problems

In PRC Security Policy

China Leadership Monitor, No. 15, Summer.

Christensen, Thomas J. 2005


Old Problems Trump New Thinking:

China's Security Relations

With Taiwan, North Korea, and Japan

China Leadership Monitor, No. 14, Spring.

Christensen, Thomas J. 2005


Taiwan's Legislative Yuan Elections

and Cross-Strait Security Relations:

Reduced Tensions and Remaining Challenges

China Leadership Monitor, No. 13, Winter.

Christensen, Thomas J. 2005


PRC Security Relations With the United States:

Why Things Are Going So Well

China Leadership Monitor, No. 8, Fall.

Christensen, Thomas J. 2003


PRC Foreign Relations After the

National People's Congress:

Iraq, North Korea, SARS, and Taiwan

China Leadership Monitor, No. 7, Summer.

Christensen, Thomas J. 2003


The Party Transition:

Will It Bring A New Maturity

In Chinese Security Policy?

China Leadership Monitor, No. 5, Winter.

Christensen, Thomas J. 2003



in Strategic Asia: 2002-2003,

National Bureau of Asian Research, pp. 51-94.

Christensen, Thomas J. 2002-2003


Interview with Thomas Christensen:

The Chinese Military and

Post 9/11 Sino-US Relations

Harvard Asia Quarterly, VI (4) Autumn.

Easley, Leif Eric &

Christensen, Thomas J. 2002


The Contemporary Security Dilemma:

Deterring A Taiwan Conflict

The Washington Quarterly,

25 (4) Autumn, pp. 7-21.

Christensen, Thomas J. 2002


A Smooth Ride Despite Many Potholes:

The Road to Crawford

China Leadership Monitor, No. 4, Fall.

Christensen, Thomas J. 2002


Beijing's Views of Taiwan and

the United States in Early 2002:

The Renaissance of Pessimism

China Leadership Monitor, No. 3, Summer.

Christensen, Thomas J. 2002


Terrorism, Taiwan Elections,

and Tattered Treaties:

PRC Security Politics From September 11

Through Year's End

China Leadership Monitor, No. 2, Spring.

Christensen, Thomas J. 2002


Tracking China's Security Relations:

Causes for Optimism and Pessimism

China Leadership Monitor, No. 1, Winter.

Christensen, Thomas J. 2002


Clarity On Taiwan?

Taiwan Security Research, March 23-30.

Yang, Philip &

Christensen, Thomas J. 2000


Clarity On Taiwan:

Correcting Misperceptions

On Both Sides of the Strait

Washington Post, March 20.

Christensen, Thomas J. 2000