Articles By Stanley Hoffman



Force, Legitimacy and Order

US-Europe Analysis Series,

The Brookings Institution, February.

Hoffmann, Stanley 2005


Thoughts on Fear In Global Society

Social Research, 71 (4) Winter.

Hoffmann, Stanley 2004


Out Of Iraq

The New York Review of Books,

October 21.

Hoffmann, Stanley 2004


America Goes Backward

The New York Review of Books,

50 (10) June 12.

Hoffmann, Stanley 2003


The High and Mighty

The American Prospect, January 13.

Hoffmann, Stanley 2003


America Alone In the World

The American Prospect, September 9.

Hoffmann, Stanley 2002


Clash of Globalizations

Foreign Affairs, July/August.

Hoffmann, Stanley 2002


Why Don't They Like Us?

The American Prospect, 12 (20)

November 19, pp. 18-21.

Hoffmann, Stanley 2001


France In An Age Of Globalization

Foreign Affairs, 80 (4) July/Aug, pp. 137-142

Hoffmann, Stanley 2001


Classic Diplomacy in the

Information Age

Foreign Affairs, July/August.

Hoffmann, Stanley 2001


Yesterday's Realism

The American Prospect, July 30.

Hoffmann, Stanley 2001


Comment On Moravcsik

Journal of Cold War Studies,

2 (3) Fall, pp. 69-73.

Hoffmann, Stanley 2000


In Defense of Mother Teresa:

Morality In Foreign Policy

Foreign Affairs, March/April.

Hoffmann, Stanley 1996


The Crisis of Liberal Internationalism

Foreign Policy, Spring, pp. 159-177.

Hoffmann, Stanley 1995



Back to the Future, Part II:

Realism and the Realities

of European Security

International Security,

15 (2) Winter, pp. 194-199.

Hoffmann, Stanley,

Mearsheimer, John J.

& Keohane, Robert O. 1990


The Political Ethics of

International Relations

Seventh Morgenthau Memorial

Lecture on Ethics & Foreign Policy,

Carnegie Council on Ethics and

International Affiairs, New York.

Hoffmann, Stanley 1988


The Ethics of Intervention:

Noam Chomsky Debates

With Stanley Hoffmann

The New York Review of Books,

March 27

Hoffmann, Stanley

& Chomsky, Noam 1969





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