Articles By Robert Kaplan



How We Would Fight China

The Atlantic Monthly, June.

Kaplan, Robert D. 2005


The Media and Medievalism

Policy Review, Dec/Jan.

Kaplan, Robert D. 2004/2005


Get Me To Vukovar

Columbia Journalism Review, Sep/Oct

Kaplan, Robert D. 2004


A Post-Saddam Scenario

The Atlantic Monthly, November.

Kaplan, Robert D. 2002


Carter In Ethiopia: Revisiting

One of the Nobelist's Missed

Chances - Former President

Jimmy Carter

National Review, November 11.

Kaplan, Robert D. 2002


Looking the World In the Eye

The Atlantic Monthly, December.

Kaplan, Robert D. 2001


The World of Achilles:

Ancient Soldiers,

Modern Warriors

The National Interest, Winter.

Kaplan, Robert D. 2001


The Future of Populist Politics

Paper Presented to the Colorado

College's 125th Anniversary Symposium,

Colorado College, February 6.

Kaplan, Robert D. 1999


Conrad's "Nostromo" and the

Third World - Novelist

Joseph Conrad

The National Interest, Spring.

Kaplan, Robert D. 1998


History Moving North

Foreign Affairs, February.

Kaplan, Robert D. 1997


Fort Leavenworth and the

Eclipse of Nationhood

The Atlantic Monthly, September.

Kaplan, Robert D. 1996


The Coming Anarchy

The Atlantic Monthly, February.

Kaplan, Robert D. 1994


"Balkan's Ghost" -

Response To Book By

Noel Malcolm

The National Interest, Fall.

Kaplan, Robert D. 1993


The African Killing Fields

Washington Monthly, September.

Kaplan, Robert D. 1988


The Brutality of Nations

- Book Review

Washington Monthly, September.

Kaplan, Robert D. 1987


Video By Robert Kaplan


The Shape of the World

The Newshour, PBS, January 8.

Kaplan, Robert D.

& Warner, Margaret 2002





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