Articles By Robert Kagan



A Matter of Record

Foreign Affairs, Jan/Feb.

Kagan, Robert 2005


America & the World:

The Crisis of Legitimacy

The 21st Annual John Bonython Lecture,

Centre for Independent Studies.

Kagan, Robert 2004


Power and Weakness

Policy Review, No. 113, June 2.

Kagan, Robert 2002


The Present Danger

The National Interest, Spring.

Kagan, Robert

& Kristol, William 2000


The Benevolent Empire

Foreign Policy, Summer.

Kagan, Robert 1998


Toward A Neo-Reaganite

Foreign Policy

Foreign Affairs, July/Aug.

Kagan, Robert 1996


Video By Robert Kagan


The United States Is

and Should Be An Empire

American Enterprise Institute, July.

Kagan, Robert

vs. Ferguson, Niall 2003





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