Articles By Robert Jervis



The Remaking

of A Unipolar World

The Washington Quarterly,

29 (3), pp. 7-19.

Jervis, Robert 2006


Why the Bush Doctrine

Cannot Be Sustained

Political Science Quarterly,

120 (3) Fall, pp. 351-377.

Jervis, Robert 2005


Understanding the Bush Doctrine

Political Science Quarterly,

118 (3), pp. 365-388.

Jervis, Robert 2003


Politics, Political Science,

and Specialization

PS: Political Science and Politics,

35 (2), June, pp. 187-189.

Jervis, Robert 2002


Signaling and Perception

in Monroe, Kristen (ed.) 2002

Political Psychology, Earlbaum.

Jervis, Robert 2002


Theories of War

in an Era of Leading-Power Peace

American Political Science Review,

96 (1) March, pp. 1-14.

Jervis, Robert 2002


Weapons Without Purpose?

Nuclear Strategy in the Post-Cold War Era

Foreign Affairs, July/August.

Jervis, Robert 2001


Realism, Neorealism, and Cooperation

International Security, 24 (1) Summer, pp. 42-63.

Jervis, Robert 1999


Inside the Kremlin's Cold War:

From Stalin to Khrushchev

The National Interest, Winter.

Jervis, Robert 1997


The Cold War and Soviet Insecurity:

The Stalin Years

The National Interest, Winter.

Jervis, Robert 1997


We Now Know:

Rethinking Cold War History

The National Interest, Winter.

Jervis, Robert 1997


Hans Morgenthau, Realism,

and the Study

of International Politics

-Sixtieth Annversary, 1934-1994:

The Legacy of Our Past

Social Research, Winter.

Jervis, Robert 1994


Video By Robert Jervis


American Foreign Policy in a New Era:

Conversation With Robert Jervis

Conversations With History,

Institute of International Studies,

UC Berkeley, November 17.

Jervis, Robert & Kreisler, Harry 2005


Bush's Position Has Changed From Unilateral Thrust

to Maintaining Stability, Says Jervis

Columbia News Video Forum, October 28.

Jervis, Robert 2002





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