Articles By Robert Gilpin



Purple Patch: Economic Nationalism

Daily Times, February 12.

Gilpin, Robert 2004


The Rise of American Hegemony

in O'Brien, Karl & Clesse, Armand 2002

Two Hegemonies: Britain 1846-1914

and the United States 1941-2001,

Aldershot, Ashgate Publishing, pp. 165-182.

Gilpin, Robert 2002


The New Global Economic Order

Gilpin, Robert 2001 Global Political Economy:

Understanding the International Economic Order,

Princeton, Princeton University Press, pp. 3-24.

Gilpin, Robert 2001


Introduction: The Fragile Global Economy

in Gilpin, Robert 2000 The Challenge of Global Capitalism:

The World Economy in the 21st Century,

Princeton, Princeton University Press, pp. 3-14.

Gilpin, Robert 2000


APEC In A New International Order

NBR Analysis, 6 (5) December.

Gilpin, Robert 1999





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