Articles By Peter Katzenstein



Transformations in World Politics:

The Intellectual Contributions

of Ernst B. Haas

Annual Review of Political Science,

Vol. 8 June, pp. 271-296.

Katzenstein, Peter J., et al. 2005


Rethinking Asian Security:

A Case for Analytical Eclecticism

in Katzenstein, Peter J., Suh, J.J.

& Carlson, Allen (eds) 2004 Rethinking Security

in East Asia: Identity, Power, and Efficiency,

Stanford, Stanford University Press, pp. 1-33.

Katzenstein, Peter J. & Sil, Rudra 2004


"Small States" and Small States Revisited

New Political Economy, 8 (1) March, pp. 9-30.

Katzenstein, Peter J. 2003


Why Is There No NATO In Asia?

Collective Identity, Regionalism,

and the Origins of Multilateralism

International Organization, 56 (3) Summer, pp. 575-607.

Katzenstein, Peter J. & Hemmer, Christopher 2002


September 11 in Comparative Perspective:

The Antiterrorism Campaigns

of Germany and Japan

Dialog-IO, Spring, pp. 45-56.

Katzenstein, Peter J. 2002


Sonderbare Sonderwege: Germany and 9/11

AICGS/German American Dialogue Working Paper Series,

American Institute for Contemporary German Studies

Katzenstein, Peter J. 2002


Japan, Asian-Pacific Security,

and the Case For Analytical Eclecticism

International Security, 26 (3) Winter, pp. 153-185.

Katzenstein, Peter J. & Okawara, Nobuo 2001/2002


Japan and Asian-Pacific Security:

Regionalization, Entrenched Bilateralism

and Incipient Multilateralism

The Pacific Review, 14 (2), pp. 165-194.

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Preface: "International Organization"

at Its Golden Anniversary

International Organization, 52 (4) Autumn, pp. xv-xviii.

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& Krasner, Stephen D. 1998


United Germany In An Integrating Europe

Current History, 96 (608) March, pp. 116-123.

Katzenstein, Peter J 1997


Analyzing Change in International Politics:

The New Institutionalism and the

Interpretative Approach

Paper Presented As Guest Lecture to the MPIFG,

Discussion Paper 90/10, November

Katzenstein, Peter J. 1990