Articles By Niall Ferguson


Video: Niall Ferguson offers 'A Conservative's Critique of US Foreign Policy'


Sinking Globalization

Foreign Affairs, December.

Ferguson, Niall 2005


The Empire Effect:

Country Risk In the First Age

of Globalization, 1880-1913

Journal of Economic History, December.

Ferguson, Niall

& Schularick, Moritz 2005


The Unconscious Colossus:

Limits of (& Alternatives To)

American Empire

Daedalus, Spring.

Ferguson, Niall 2005


Economics, Religion and

the Decline of Europe

Economic Affairs,

24 (4) December, pp. 37-40.

Ferguson, Niall 2004


A World Without Power

Foreign Policy, July/Aug.

Ferguson, Niall 2004


Recovering Our Nerve

The National Interest, Summer.

Ferguson, Niall 2004


Europe Between Brussels and

Byzantium: Some Thoughts

On European Integration

Working Paper PRI-6,

Institute of European Studies,

Berkeley, University of California.

Ferguson, Niall 2003


Hegemony Or Empire?

Foreign Affairs, Sept/Oct.

Ferguson, Niall 2003


Going Critical:

American Power and the

Consequences of Fiscal Overstretch

The National Interest, Fall.

Ferguson, Niall

& Kotlikoff, Laurence J. 2003


British Imperialism Revised:

The Costs and Benefits

of "Anglobalization"

Development Research Institute

Working Paper Series, No. 2 April,

New York University.

Ferguson, Niall 2003


Wars, Revolutions and the

International Bond Market

From the Napoleonic Wars

to the First World War

Paper Presented to the

Yale International Center

for Finance, October 15.

Ferguson, Niall 1999


Video By Niall Ferguson


Money and Power:

Conversation With Niall Ferguson

Conversations With History,

Institute of International Studies,

UC Berkeley, November 3.

Ferguson, Niall

& Kreisler, Harry 2003


The United States Is

and Should Be An Empire

American Enterprise Institute, July.

Ferguson, Niall

vs. Kagan, Robert 2003





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