Articles By Manuel Castells



Global Governance and Global Politics

PS: Political Science & Politics,

January, pp. 9-16.

Castells, Manuel 2005


The Information Have-Less:

Inequality, Mobility, and Translocal

Networks in Chinese Cities

Studies in Comparative

International Development,

40 (2) Summer, pp. 9-34.

Castells, Manuel,

Cartier, Carolyn

& Qiu, Jack Linchuan 2005


Informationalism, Networks, and the

Network Society: A Theoretical Blueprint

in Castells, Manuel (ed) 2004 The Network Society:

A Cross-Cultural Perspective,

Northampton, Edward Elgar.

Castells, Manuel 2004


Diffusion and Uses of Internet

in Catalonia and Spain:

A Commented Summary of

Available Evidence, As of 2001

PIC Working Paper Series,

PICWP/1201, Project Internet

California, December.

Castells, Manuel 2001


Globalization, the Knowledge Society,

and the Network State:

Poulantzas at the Millennium

Global Networks, 1 (1), pp. 1-18.

Castells, Manuel

& Carnoy, Martin 2001


Information Technology,

Globalization and Social Development

UNRISD Discussion Paper, No. 114,

United Nations Research Institute

for Social Development, September.

Castells, Manuel 1999


Russia and the Network Society:

An Analytical Exploration

Paper Presented to the Conference

on "Russia At the End of the

20th Century", Stanford University,

November 5-7.

Castells, Manuel

& Kiselyova, Emma 1998


Paths and Problems of the Integration

of Post-Communist Russia Into the

Global Economy: A Concept Paper

Paper Presented to the Bruno Kreisky

Forum for International Dialogue, May.

Castells, Manuel 1997


Video By Manuel Castells


Identity and Change

In the Network Society

Conversations With History,

Institute of International Studies,

UC Berkeley, May 1.

Castells, Manuel

& Kreisler, Harry 2001


The Networked Society

Centre for Science, Technology & Society,

Santa Clara University, May 4.

Castells, Manuel 2000