Articles By Kenneth Waltz



Intimations of Multipolarity

in Birthe Hansen & Bertel Heurlin (eds),

The New World Order, Macmillan,

London, pp. 1-18.

Waltz, Kenneth N. 2000



Globalization and American Power

The National Interest, Spring.

Waltz, Kenneth N. 2000



Structural Realism After the Cold War

International Security, 25 (1) Summer, pp. 5-41.

Waltz, Kenneth N. 2000



Globalization and Governance

PS: Political Science and Politics, 32 (4)

December, pp. 693-700.

Waltz, Kenneth N. 1999



Thoughts About Virtual Nuclear Arsenals

Washington Quarterly, 20 (3) Summer, pp. 153-161.

Waltz, Kenneth N. 1997



Peace, Stability, and Nuclear Weapons

IGCC Policy Papers, Paper: PP15,

Institute On Global Conflict and Cooperation.

Waltz, Kenneth N. 1995


Nuclear Myths and Political Realities

American Political Science Review,

84 (3) September, pp. 731-745.

Waltz, Kenneth N. 1990



Realist Thought and Neorealist Theory

Journal of International Affairs,

44 (1) Spring/Summer, pp. 21-37.

Waltz, Kenneth N. 1990



The Spread of Nuclear Weapons:

More May Better

Adelphi Papers, No. 171.

Waltz, Kenneth N. 1981



Video By Kenneth Waltz


Nuclear Deterrence Will Prevent Iraq

North Korea From Using Nuclear Weapons

Columbia News Video Brief, March 3.

Waltz, Kenneth N. 2003



Theory and International Politics:

Conversation With Kenneth N. Waltz

Conversations With History,

Institute of International Studies,

UC Berkeley, February 10.

Waltz, Kenneth N.

& Kreisler, Harry 2003





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