Articles By John Gray



Lessons From Our Masters

(Book Review)

The Independent, May 26.

Gray, John N. 2006


In Theory

The Nation, May 18.

Gray, John N. 2006


The Mirage of Empire

The New York Review of Books,

53 (1) January 12.

Gray, John N. 2006


Easier Said Than Done

The Nation, January 11.

Gray, John N. 2006


Historic Follies and Failures

The Independent, Oct 28.

Gray, John N. 2005


Look Out for

the Enemy Within

The Guardian, July 10.

Gray, John N. 2005


A Modest Defence of

the President and His Policies

of Creative Destruction

New Statesman, January 17.

Gray, John N. 2005


Iraq Isn't Another Vietnam

- It's Much Worse

The Independent, May 19.

Gray, John N. 2004


Geopolitics and

the Limits of Growth

The Globalist, March 17.

Gray, John N. 2004


An Illusion With A Future

Daedalus, Summer.

Gray, John N. 2004


The Human

in Gray, John N. 2003 Straw Dogs:

Thoughts On Humans and

Other Animals, Granta.

Gray, John N. 2003


False Dawn

in Gray, John N. 2002

False Dawn: The Delusions

of Global Capitalism, Granta.

Gray, John N. 2002


Will Humanity Be Left

Home Alone?

New Statesman, August 30.

Gray, John, N. 2002


How Marx Turned Muslim

The Independent, July 27.

Gray, John N. 2002


September 11:

The End of Globalization

Resurgence, May/June.

Gray, John N. 2002


What We Think of America

Granta, No. 77.

Gray, John N. 2002


The True Limits of Globalization

Ethical Perspectives, 9 (4), pp. 191-199.

Gray, John N. 2002


Are There Global

Political Values?

Prospect, No. 69, December.

Gray, John N.

vs. Lind, Michael 2001


The Era of Globalization Is Over

The New Statesman, September 24.

Gray, John N. 2001


Two Liberalisms of Fear

Hedgehog Review, 2 (1).

Gray, John N. 2000


The City of Man

(Book Review)

National Review, Sept 14.

Gray, John N. 1998


Fukuyama: The End

of History Man

Prospect, No. 3, December.

Gray, John N.

& Fukuyama, Francis 1995


The End of History

-Or of Liberalism?

National Review, Oct 27.

Gray, John N. 1989


F.A. Hayek and the Rebirth

of Classical Liberalism

Literature of Liberty,

5 (4), pp. 7-58.

Gray, John N. 1982


John Stuart Mill: Traditional

and Revisionist Interpretations

Literature of Liberty, 2 (2) April-June.

Gray, John N. 1978




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