Articles By Jack Snyder



The Crusade of Illusions

Foreign Affairs, July/August.

Snyder, Jack 2006


Electing to Fight:

Why Emerging Democracies

Go to War

BSCIA Studies in International Security,

Cambridge, MIT Press, Ch. 1.

Mansfield, Edward D. &

Snyder, Jack 2005


Unipolar Empire and Principled

Multilateralism as Strategies

for International Change:

Democracy Promotion

and International Justice

Presented to the European Cultural

Center of Delphi, Greece, June 2-4.

Snyder, Jack 2005


Empire: A Paradoxical Tool for Democratization

Daedalus, No. 134.

Snyder, Jack 2004


Imperial Temptations

The National Interest,

Spring, pp. 29-40.

Snyder, Jack 2003


Democratic Transitions,

Institutional Strength, and War

International Organization, 56 (2) April.

Mansfield, Edward D. &

Snyder, Jack 2002


Anarchy and Culture:

Insights From the Anthropology of War

IInternational Organization, 56 (1) Winter, pp. 7-45.

Snyder, Jack 2002


Nationalism and

the Marketplace of Ideas

International Security, 21 (2) Fall.

Ballentine, Karen &

Snyder, Jack 1996


The Soviet Strategic Culture:

Implications for

Limited Nuclear Operations

A Project Air Force Report Prepared

for the United States Air Force,

September, Santa Monica,

Rand Corporation.

Snyder, Jack 1977