Articles By Henry Kissinger


Video: Henry Kissinger talks on 'New World Order'


A Nuclear Test For Diplomacy

Washington Post, May 16.

Kissinger, Henry A. 2006


What's Needed From Hamas

Washington Post, February 27.

Kissinger, Henry A. 2006


Moving Toward A Responsible

Exit Strategy In Iraq

The San Diego Union-Tribune, December 11.

Kissinger, Henry A. 2005


Henry Kissinger on Europe's Falling Out

With Washington


Der Spiegel, October 10.

Kissinger, Henry A. 2005


Lessons For An Exit Strategy

Washington Post, August 12.

Kissinger, Henry A. 2005


China: Containment Won't Work

Washington Post, June 13.

Kissinger, Henry A. 2005


Spreading Democracy:

A Realist's Assessment of the 'Freedom Agenda'

The San Diego Union-Tribune, June 5.

Kissinger, Henry A. 2005


A New Opening For Mideast Peace

Washington Post, December 3.

Kissinger, Henry A. 2004


America's Assignment

Newsweek, November 8.

Kissinger, Henry A. 2004


Renewing the Atlantic Partnership

Report of An Independent Task Force

Sponsored By the Council On Foreign Relations,

March 9.

Kissinger, Henry A. et. al 2004



in Ending the Vietnam War:

A History of America's Involvement

In and Extrication From the War,

New York, Simon & Schuster, pp. 7-12.

Kissinger, Henry A. 2003


Phase II and Iraq

Washington Post, January 13.

Kissinger, Henry A. 2002


Foreign Policy in the Age of Terrorism

Transcript of the Ruttenberg Lecture,

The Centre for Policy Studies.

Kissinger, Henry A. 2001


Powerful (Or Powerless) Globalization?

The Globalist, December  28.

Kissinger, Henry A. 2001


How Globalization

Divides Developing Countries

The Globalist, November 7.

Kissinger, Henry A. 2001


Where Do We Go From Here?

Washington Post, November 6.

Kissinger, Henry A. 2001


The Pitfalls of Universal Jurisdiction

Foreign Affairs, July/August.

Kissinger, Henry A. 2001


American Policy

and American Foreign Policy

Address to the

Trilateral Commission

Annual Meeting, Tokyo, April.

Kissinger, Henry A. 2000


Reality and Illusion About the Chinese

The Independent, October 18.

Kissinger, Henry A. 1999


Interview With Dr. Henry Kissinger

Cold War Series,

The National Security Archive,

Episode 15, Jan 24.

Kissinger, Henry A. 1999


Speech By Henry Kissinger

Fourteenth Annual Ashbrook

Memorial Dinner,

Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs,

Ashland University, Sept 11.

Kissinger, Henry A. 1997


We Live In An Age of Transition

Daedalus, Summer.

Kissinger, Henry A. 1995


The Right Decision On China

Washington Post, June 6.

Kissinger, Henry A.

& Vance, Cyrus R 1994


Remarks By Dr. Henry Kissinger

At Richard Nixon's Funeral

April 27.

Kissinger, Henry A. 1994


On Step Forward (Interview)

War and Peace in the Nuclear Age,

PBS, November 11.

Kissinger, Henry A. 1986


American Foreign Policy:

Problems and Opportunities

Address to the Commonwealth Club, April 16.

Kissinger, Henry A. 1984


Report of the National Bipartisan Commission

On Central America

The National Bipartisan Commission

On Central America, January.

Kissinger, Henry A. et. al. 1984


Reflections On A Partnership:

British and American Attitudes

to Postwar Foreign Policy

Speech to the Royal Insitute

of International Affairs, in Commemoration

of the Bicentenary of the Office

of the Foreign Secretary, May 10.

Kissinger, Henry A. 1982


Address to the Commonwealth Club

The Commonwealth Club, February 3.

Kissinger, Henry A. 1976