Articles By Francis Fukuyama


Video: Francis Fukuyama on 'Radical Islam's Threat to Democracy'


The Clash of Cultures and American Hegemony

The American Interest,

Paper Presented to the American Political Science Association,

September 1.

Fukuyama, Francis 2006



Identity, Immigration & Democracy

Journal of Democracy, 17 (2) April.

Fukuyama, Francis 2006



After Neoconservatism

The New York Times, February 19.

Fukuyama, Francis 2006



Development and the Limits of Institutional Design

Paper Presented to the Annual Conference

of the Global Development Network, St Petersburg, January 20.

Fukuyama, Francis 2006



Do We Really Know How To Promote Democracy?

Romanian Journal of Political Science, (?), pp. 161-173.

Fukuyama, Francis 2005



Re-Envisioning Asia

Foreign Affairs, 84 (1) Jan/Feb, pp. 75-87.

Fukuyama, Francis 2005



"Stateness" First

Journal of Democracy, 16 (1) January.

Fukuyama, Francis 2005



Us Must Balance Hard Power

With Soft Power (Interview)

New Perspectives Quarterly, Summer.

Fukuyama, Francis 2004



The Neoconservative Moment

The National Interest, Summer.

Fukuyama, Francis 2004



Fukuyama Responds

The National Interest, Winter.

Fukuyama, Francis 2004



The Imperative of State-Building

Journal of Democracy, 15 (2) April, pp. 17-31.

Fukuyama, Francis 2004 



How Academia Failed the Nation:

The Decline of Regional Studies

SAISphere, Winter.

Fukuyama, Francis 2004



Nation-Building 101

The Atlantic Monthly, 293 (1) Jan-Feb.

Fukuyama, Francis 2004



Interview: Francis Fukuyama

- The Future Ain't What It Used To Be

The Independent, April 7.

Fukuyama, Francis & Usborne, David 2003



Still Disenchanted? The Modernity of Postindustrial Capitalism

CSES Working Paper No. 3, February.

Fukuyama, Francis 2003



Has History Started Again?

Policy, 18 (2), Winter.

Fukuyama, Francis 2002


Has History Restarted Since September 11?

The Nineteenth Annual John Bonython Lecture,

Centre For Independent Studies, Occasional Paper No. 81., August.

Fukuyama, Francis 2002



Social Capital and Development: The Coming Agenda

SAIS Review, XXII (1) Winter-Spring, pp. 23-37.

Fukuyama, Francis 2002



How to Regulate Science

The Public Interest, No. 146 Winter, pp. 3-22.

Fukuyama, Francis 2002



Gene Regime

Foreign Policy, March/April.

Fukuyama, Francis 2002



Culture and Economic Development

in Smelser, N.J. & Baltes, Paul B. (eds) 2001

International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences,

Oxford, Pergamon, pp. 3130-3134.

Fukuyama, Francis 2001



Human Rights and Human History

The National Interest, Summer.

Fukuyama, Francis 2001



Social capital, Civil Society and Development

Third World Quarterly, 22 (1) February, pp. 7-20.

Fukuyama, Francis 2001



Dimensions of Development

Journal of Democracy, 11 (4) October.

Fukuyama, Francis & Marwah, Sanjay 2000



Social Capital and Civil Society

International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Working Paper WP/00/74, April.

Fukuyama, Francis 2000



How to Re-Moralize America

The Wilson Quarterly, Summer, 1999.

Fukuyama, Francis 1999



Responses to Mallaby: Responses to the Article

By Sebastian Mallaby In This Issue

The National Interest, Summer.

Fukuyama, Francis,

Feldstein, Martin S.

& Johnson, Chalmers 1998



Fukuyama: The End of History Man

Prospect, No. 3, December.

Fukuyama, Francis

& Gray, John N. 1995



A Reply to My Critics

The National Interest, No. 17 Fall.

Fukuyama, Francis 1989



The End of History?

The National Interest, No. 16 Summer.

Fukuyama, Francis 1989



Video By Francis Fukuyama


Robert Wright Interviews Francis Fukuyama


Fukuyama, Francis & Wright, Robert 2006



Do We Really Know How to Promote Democracy?

Speech to the Foreign Policy Association,

Hunter College, May 24.

Fukuyama, Francis 2005