Articles By Emile Durkheim


Photo: Emile Durkheim (1858-1917)


Pragmatism and

the Question of Truth

in Durkheim, Emile 1983

Pragmatism and Sociology,


Cambridge University Press.

Durkheim, Emile 1914


Rules For the Explanation

of Social Facts

in Durkheim, Emile

(ed. Lukes, Steven;

trans. Halls, W.D.) 1982

The Rules of Sociological Method,

New York, The Free Press, Ch. V.

Durkheim, Emile 1895


The Conjugal Family

in Durkheim, Emile 1978

On Institutional Analysis,

Chicago & London, University

of Chicago Press, pp. 229-239.

Durkheim, Emile 1892





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