Articles By Charles Kupchan



Independence for Kosovo

Foreign Affairs, Nov/Dec.

Kupchan, Charles A. 2005


The Travails of Union:

The American Experience and

Its Implications for Europe

Survival, 46 (4) Winter, pp. 103-120.

Kupchan, Charles A. 2004-2005


Renewing the Atlantic Partnership

Report of An Independent Task Force

Sponsored By the Council On Foreign Relations,

March 9.

Kupchan, Charles A. et. al 2004


Calmly Accepting

"The End of the American Era"

Foresight Magazine (Japan), October.

Kupchan, Charles A. 2003


Review of the Tragedy of

Great Power Politics

The International History Review,


Kupchan, Charles A. 2003


The Rise of Europe:

America's Changing Internationalism

and the End of US Primacy

Political Science Quarterly,

118 (2) Summer.

Kupchan, Charles A. 2003


The End of the West

Atlantic Monthly, November 1.

Kupchan, Charles A. 2002


Misreading September 11

The National Interest, September.

Kupchan, Charles A. 2002


Rethinking Europe -

Restoring Order in the Atlantic Region

The National Interest, Summer.

Kupchan, Charles A. 1999


Illiberal Illusions: Restoring Democracy's Good Name

Foreign Affairs, May/June.

Kupchan, Charles A. 1998


Saudi Arabia:

The Ceaseless Quest for Security

Washington Monthly, December.

Kupchan, Charles A. 1985


Video By Charles Kupchan


Dutch Elections

NewsHour, PBS, May 16.

Kupchan, Charles A.,

Frolke, Victor &

Suarez, Ray 2002