Articles By Bruce Russett



Seeking Peace In the Post-Cold War

World of Hegemony and Terrorism

Etudes Internationales, 35 (4) December, pp. 641-665.

Russett, Bruce & Oneal, John 2004


A Neural Network Analysis of

Militarized International Disputes, 1885-1992:

Temporal Stability and Causal Complexity

in Diehl, Paul F. (ed.) 2004 The Scourge of War:

New Extensions On An Old Problem,

University of Michigan Press.

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International Relations

in Kempf-Leonard, Kimberly (ed.) 2004

Encyclopedia of Social Measurement,

San Diego, Academic Press.

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The Post-War Public Health Effects of Civil Conflict

Social Science and Medicine, 59 (4) August.

Russett, Bruce, Ghobarah, Hazem Adam & Huth, Paul 2004


Islam, Authoritarianism, and Female Empowerment:

What Are the Linkages?

World Politics, 56 (4) July.

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The Comparative Political Economy of

Human Misery and Well-Being

International Studies Quarterly, 48 (1) March, pp. 73-94.

Russett, Bruce et. al. 2004


Violence and Disease: Trade As Supressor to Conflict

When Supressors Matter

in Mansfield, Edward & Pollins, Brian (eds.) 2003

Economic Interdependence and International Conflict:

New Perspectives On An Enduring Debate,

Ann Arbor, University of Michigan Press.

Russett, Bruce 2003


Causes of Peace: Democracy, Interdependence

and International Organizations

International Studies Quarterly, 47 (3) September, 371-393.

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Civil Wars Kill and Maim People: Long After the Shooting Stops

American Political Science Review, 97 (2) May, pp. 189-202.

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Modeling Conflict While Studying Dynamics

in Schneider, Gerald, Barbieri, Katherine & Gleditsch, Nils Petter (eds.)

2003 Globalization and Armed Conflict,

Lanham, Rowman and Littlefield.

Russett, Bruce & Oneal, John 2003


Conflict Emergence and Escalation

in Interactive International Dyads

Journal of Politics, 64 (4) November, pp. 1045-1068.

Russett, Bruce & Kinsella, David 2002


Peace-Making and Conflict Resolution

in Carlesnaes, Walter, Risse, Thomas & Simmons, Beth (eds.)

2002 Handbook of International Relations, London, Sage.

Russett, Bruce & Gilady, Lilach 2002


Clear and Clean: The Fixed Effects of the Liberal Peace

International Organization, 55 (2) Spring, pp. 469-485.

Russett, Bruce & Oneal, John 2001


Clash of Civilizations Or

Realism and Liberalism Deja Vu? Some Evidence

Journal of Peace Research,

37 (5) September, pp. 583-608.

Russett, Bruce, Oneal, John & Cox Michaelene 2000


Why 'An Identified Systemic Analysis

of the Democracy-Peace Nexus' Does Not Pursuade

Defense and Peace Economics, 11 (2), pp. 197-214.

Russett, Bruce & Oneal, John 2000


Rule of Three, Let It Be?

When More Really Is Better

Conflict Management and Peace Science,

22 (4) Winter, pp. 293-310.

Russett, Bruce & Oneal, John 2000


The Kantian Peace:

The Pacific Benefits of Democracy, Interdependence

and International Organizations, 1885-1992

World Politics, 52 (1) October, pp. 1-37.

Russett, Bruce & Oneal, John 1999


Assessing the Liberal Peace With

Alternative Specifications: Trade Still Reduces Conflict

Journal of Peace Research, 36 (4) July, pp. 423-442.

Russett, Bruce & Oneal, John 1999