Articles By Alexander Wendt



Social Theory As Cartesian Science:

An Auto-Critique From

A Quantum Perspective

in Guzzini, Stefano & Leander, Anna 2005

Constructivism and International Relations:

Alexander Wendt and His Critics, Routledge.

Wendt, Alexander 2004



Why A World State Is Inevitable:

Teleology and the Logic of Anarchy

European Journal of

International Relations, 9 (4), pp. 491-542.

Wendt, Alexander 2003



Driving With the Rearview Mirror:

On the Rational Science of
Institutional Design

International Organization,

55 (4) Autumn, pp. 1019-1049.

Wendt, Alexander 2001



Four Sociologies of International Politics

in Wendt, Alexander 1999 Social Theory of International Politics,

Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, Ch. 1, pp. 1-20.

Wendt, Alexander 1999



Norms, Identity, and Culture

In National Security

in Katzenstein, Peter J. (ed) 1996

The Culture of National Security,

New York, Columbia University Press, pp. 33-75.

Wendt, Alexander, Jepperson, Ronald J.

& Katzenstein, Peter J. 1996



Anarchy Is What States Make of It

International Organization,

46 (2) Spring, pp. 391-425.

Wendt, Alexander 1992