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Identity As A Variable

Weatherhead Initiative of the

Weatherhead Center for

International Affairs,

Havard University, Jan 16.

Johnston, Alastair Iain, et. al. 2005



Beijing’s Security Behavior

in the Asian-Pacific:

Is China a Dissatisfied Power?

in Carlson, Allen, Katzenstein, Peter

&  Suh, J.J. (eds.) 2004 Rethinking Security

in East Asia: Identity, Power and Efficiency,

Stanford University press, Ch. 2.

Johnston, Alastair Iain 2004



Chinese Middle Class Attitudes

Towards International Affairs:

Nascent Liberalization?

The China Quarterly, Vol. 179, pp. 603-628.

Johnston, Alastair Iain 2004



Toward Contextualizing

The Concept of a Shashoujian

(Assassin’s Mace)

Unpublished, August.

Johnston, Alastair Iain 2002


The Social Effects of

International Institutions

on Domestic (Foreign Policy) Actors

in Drezner, Daniel (ed.) 2001

The Interaction of Domestic

and International Institutions, Ann Arbor,

The University of Michigan Press,

Johnston, Alastair Iain 2001



Treating Identity As A Variable:

Measuring the Content, Intensity,

and Contestation of Identity

Paper Presented to APSA,

San Francisco, Aug 30-Sept 2.

Johnston, Alastair Iain, et. al. 2001



The Cox Report On

Governance and Policy In China:

Problems of Fact, Evidence, and Inference

in May, M.M. (ed.) 1999 The Cox Committee Report:

An Assessment, December.

Johnston, Alastair Iain 1999



Sun Zi Studies in the United States

Unpublished, July 25.

Johnston, Alastair Iain 1999